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I started my career working in a company of thousands of people, in over 100 offices across the country. I learned a wealth of information and interacted with so many people at a rapid pace. I earned stock in the company and progressed my career forward. However, in the back of my mind I knew something was missing.

I currently work for a woman-owned small business, Catch Talent, where I was the ninth hire and have just hit my six-month mark. Life is great working in a small business and I truly feel like an owner.

Access = Speed

Access to leadership was probably the biggest surprise in working at Catch. In my previous organizations, leadership was great, when we were able to interact. The interaction was weekly, and now it is daily. The ability to interact with my CEO and COO in real time, and being able to loop them in with clients in the moment has been a game changer. 

I’m much more efficient and make decisions faster due to real time input. This has benefited my work life immensely and has helped me get work done quickly so I’m able to spend more time with my wife and son.

At Catch, Everyone Truly Does Everything

This was not the case in working with large organizations. Previously, everyone had a title and stuck to those duties that correlated with said title. That’s a great business model for some organizations, but the startup life is more my speed. 

Everyone here sells, recruits, helps with onboarding, and helps with marketing. Titles are never brought up – the only focus is being as efficient as possible in getting the job done. The creative juices are always flowing at Catch due to being able to seamlessly jump into scenarios in real time, rather than delegating things because it’s not “what you do.”

The Trust In A Startup Is Real From Day One

We are so strict in our internal vetting process for a reason. Once you are in, you are totally in. No proving yourself, no egos – just focusing on the task at hand and moving the ball down the field. I’ve been very successful in previous roles, but always felt I had to continue to keep proving myself to gain trust. 

From day one to now month six, the trust has never wavered. From managing people in the past and having a wealth of experiences with various coaches and leaders, feeling trusted to do my job is one of my favorite things and pushes me to succeed.

When you trust your team, everyone succeeds.