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It’s November. It’s official. It’s Catch, and we’re open for business!

Today is the day Christina and I launch a company, and an idea, we have been dreaming about for a long time. The idea that a company’s talent is its greatest competitive advantage, its secret weapon, and its most important asset.

Recruiting and employer brand go hand in hand, and create a cycle that not only attracts talent to organizations, but customers as well. In any knowledge-based industry, the people are the business. They are the brand. They are the future.

Catch’s focus is simple: Attract and hire the best talent for our clients, then help them show off that talent to the world! That connection between talent and brand is at the core of everything we do, and Christina describes it well:

“Everything in your life is about connection. It affects how you develop and maintain friendships, how you identify with a community, and even how you interact with your company and career. The stronger your relationship and connection with an organization, the more you talk, share stories, or promote how great it is to work there. Catch Talent was created to recruit and connect talented and highly-skilled candidates with companies that recognize that each employee adds to their story.” – Christina Lock, CEO, Catch

We are excited to begin this journey, and thankful to our friends, family, colleagues, partners, and the entire Charleston technology community for their support and interest in Catch. The candidate journey never ends, and Catch will there to share every story along the way!

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