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Just like all of your favorite Netflix series, we like to roll out our DisruptHR videos one full season at a time, so you can binge watch all the talks and relive your favorite DisruptHR moments… or experience them all for the first time.

DisruptHR wouldn’t be possible without all of the talented speakers who brave our stage to share their vision of the future of the workplace. So cheers to Misty Guinn, Candace Nicolls, Dr. Troy, Micky Kerwick, Randi Busse, RD Weeks, Shwetha Pai, Simone Morris, Thomas Heath, Katie Wells, Jack Liles, and Patrick Bryant for their contributions to this amazing night – we couldn’t have done it without them.

Our 8th edition of DisruptHR Charleston will be back at the American Theater in May, and our Call for Speakers is always open… so if you have an idea for a talk, let us know.

And if you’re not sure what DisruptHR Charleston is all about (or even if you do), join us on March 19 for a Happy Hour at Uptown Social to learn more about the movement and network with our local HR community – the drinks are on us!

Enjoy the videos!

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